5 Insanely Awesome Rave Outfit Inspirations

5 Insanely Awesome Rave Outfit Inspirations

by: Amy N.


At Rave Bae Couture, we are passionate about keeping up with the hottest and latest rave fashion trends.

Whether you are headed to a small local show or a big amazing festival in another world, we have the rave outfits and looks that could satisfy your spectrum of how you want to dress up. 

Consider yourself covered if your goal is to dress to impress! Check out these ideas to help you pick your next festival fit. 


1. Pyro Princess Rave Glasses

Want to have a trend-setting accessory to top-off any fire rave outfit and ablazen the mood? 🔥

Look no further than our Pyro Princess Rave glasses

It is available in 6 colors, all extremely flattering and versatile! (Blue/Green, Pink, Purple, Silver, Black, Red).


2. Icy Rave Princess


Bassbabe, but give it a classy and chic twist while still being a badass B.

Mesh rave attire is totally in right now, so snag this fit for your next festival if you wanna feel like a fabulous ice fairy queen who loves all the bass!

Get this look with our J. Valentine Bass Babe 2 Piece set, which pairs the J. Valentine Mesh Keyhole Top and J. Valentine Mesh Skater Skirt.

This set is perfect if you want to flaunt some pretty pasties and cute bottoms underneath! 

Top it off with the Blue Pyro Princess Rave Glasses and the Blue Northern Lights Fuzzy Jacket to set off that hot & icy look. ❄️



3. Cosmic Serenade


This outfit will have you looking fly and gorgeous AF! 

This look consists of the J. Valentine Cut Me Out Top, together with the J. Valentine Cut Me Out Strappy Bottoms, and a unique-looking J. Valentine Cut Me Out Cincher that ties in the back to top off the look. 😍


The cincher also has pieces that wrap around your upper thighs to make that booty pop. 🍑

Get the top and bottom together with our J. Valentine Cut Me Out 2 Piece Set


The pieces are available in a set of colors with stunning cosmic sequin (White, Black, and Lavender) and a set of colors with charming & shiny embroidered velvet material.

Add on the Sequin Mami Hat and the Pink Northern Lights Fuzzy Jacket to top it off.



4. Blue Thriller


This outfit is a combination of thrilling, unique, and aesthetically pleasing! 😍

It would be a perfect fit for you if ya dig intricate cutouts and holographic material. ✨🌈


The flattering "Holo Shimmer" Cut Out Bottoms are high-waisted with a zipper detail to make things a whole level of interesting.

To rock this look throw on the Holo Shimmer Cut Out Top with the Holo Shimmer Cut Out Bottoms.

You can get these together with our Holo Shimmer 2 Piece Set

Add on the J. Valentine Blue Northern Lights Fuzzy Jacket and the Blue Rave Brat Futuristic Sunglasses to make it pop.




4. Serpent Baddie 🐍


This hot, stylish outfit combines 3 current rave fashion trends; snakeskin, underboob/ring detail, and biker shorts.

What more could you ask for? Not to mention the mesmerizing holographic fabric that will make your whole look iconic AF. 🔥

This look includes the J. Valentine Just Strings Things Underboob Top and J. Valentine Holographic Python Biker Shorts. 

Both are included in our J. Valentine Holographic Python 2 Piece Set!

Top off the trendy look with our Reflective Glitz Visor, available in 3 magnificent colors.



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