3 Words. Fall. Festival. Fashion

3 Words. Fall. Festival. Fashion

By: Remy Mattison

It’s almost officially too cold for pasties ladies. That can only mean one thing: Fall is here!

As much as we love sweater weather and cozying up on the couch while watching a Halloween movie, we love raving more. In with fall means in with fall fashion and new festival trends!

Finally, all of those cute rave outfits that it was too hot out to wear can be put to good use. Fall 2019 is going to be full of funky and fun new pieces that will keep you warm but super in style.

Some trends to look out for that we are LOVING:

Faux fur

She’s back and she’s here to keep us comfy and on fleek. Incorporating faux fur jackets into a 2-piece look or throwing one over top of a Rave Bae Couture body suit can elevate your look and add a bit of extra drama and flare.

To enhance your look, play with different colored furs to make your look pop.


Nascar Chic

Checkered Cut-Out Sheer Top

 2019 has been full of Nascar vibes and we aren’t done just quite yet. Instead of shorts, a reflective shell pant look can light you up like the festival stage visuals.

It’s not only super cute and adds a street fashion edge, but it’s airy, comfortable and easy to dance in. If you lose your festival squad, they’ll know exactly how to find you.


Statement Boots


Since the weather is not as sticky and humid outside, you can rock those platform combat boots you’ve been holding onto.

Statement boots can tie together any outfit, and you’ll sure feel like a
badass rave bae.


Glitter Glorification

Fall is the time to experiment with makeup looks and face jewels. They’ll stick to your face a lot better in the cool fall breeze. It’s glam season baby, so let’s get glittered up.


Jewels, glitter, sparkles, nothing is out of the picture. Whatever you’re feeling this fall, go for it. It’s a new fiscal rave year girl. Let your inner rave bae out.

Fur, holographic, face glitter, and five-inch platform boots, say less. You had me at festival..

Make sure to check out the awesome rave gear hear at Rave Bae Couture!


About the author: Remy Mattison

I’m Remy Mattison. I’m a Youtuber, blogger, raver, shuffler, weightlifter, fitness expert and shopaholic. I’ve loved creating videos, music, writing and exploring every art out there since I was a little girl. Follow me on Instagram @Remymattison and subscribe to my youtube channel!



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