UV Sanitizing Lamp

This UV Lamp Helps Protect Against Dangerous Viruses Like COVID-19!

This UV Lamp Uses Revolutionary UV Light Technology To Sanitize Surfaces and Kill Microorganisms That Spread The coronavirus.

✔️ High Intensity UV Light Kills 99.99% of Germs

✔️ Effective Against Air and Surface Viruses

✔️ Easily Sanitize Home, Car, Office and More

✔️ No Harmful Or Expensive Chemicals

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Guaranteed High Quality

Made using the top quality quartz material, which ensures high transmission rate, and better sterilization effect.

Chemical-Free Sterilization

Uses all-natural UV light to sterilize the air and surfaces within 5 sq. meters in just 15 minutes, without harmful chemicals!

Fast & Easy

Super easy to set up and use. Quickly sanitize a small area in minutes!

The Simplest Way To

Kill Germs That Carry Dangerous Viruses In Your Home, Car, Office, and More!

Designed to work on any surface and kill virus-carrying microorganisms like coronavirus from the source. This high tech lamp shines down an intense UV light that bacteria can't survive in.

How Does It Work?

Short wavelength ultraviolet light, aka UV-C light, kills microorganisms on the surface of an object by penetrating their cellular walls, and destroying both nucleic acid and DNA – effectively deactivating bacteria.

Trusted By Experts

Using UV-C light is a disinfection method that is often used in hospitals, industrial kitchens and public institutions. The sanitization effects of UV-C light has been found to be up to 99.9% effective.

How To Use

Simply place the UV lamp in the area you want to sanitize and leave on for 15 minutes. CAUTION: Do not look directly at the light for long and AVOID touching or being near the light when in use.

Sophia Walsh - New York

"I bought this since the coronavirus became a pandemic and I realized how many times I touch things and spread germs around. Sure I wash my hands but it's hard to keep everything else clean too so it's like washing them was pointless. Anyway after having it for a few days I am in LOVE. It looks so cool too and gives me peace of mind that I'm helping to stop the spread of this virus."

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Sold out

"Really cool product! I keep this in the bathroom when I'm not there and let it sanitize the bathroom & then turn it off when I get in."

Cindy Aguilar

18 MAR 2017, 12:21

"I was able to sanitize everything in my apartment and the place smells like nobody ever lived here lmfao"

Bianca Cole

15 MAR 2020, 14:42

"I just place it next to items to sanitize and let it do its job for 15 minutes. The smell is nice."

Samantha Rivera

17 MAR 2017, 14:42

RaverMD UV Sanitizing Lamp

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