Rave Doctor "Protection & Recovery" Vitamins

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Say bye to post-festival fog and stay naturally more energized during your festival!

Rave Doctor is the most trusted health vitamin formula in the EDM industry. Rave veterans working with medical professionals combined the most powerful antioxidants and a unique serotonin complex to create the ideal PRE and POST rave formula.

  • Up to 8x Faster Recovery
  • No More Post-Party Fog
  • Reduced Hangovers
  • Scientifically Tested
  • Natural Ingredients

Why does it work so well?

Here is the idea. You start taking RaveDoctor two days before the event. During this time, you are pumping your body full of antioxidants and neuro-protectants. By the day of the event, your brain is prepared to counteract the dangerous free radicals that are produced.

After, your brain has been drained of its precious serotonin, this causes depression, fatigue, etc. Rave Doctor provides the best serotonin precursor as well as all of the cofactors required for its synthesis. So no more post-festival depression!

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